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Service Fees


JMB Guitars of Long Island, New York Has Some

Of The Most Affordable Guitar Repair Services Around! 


Where The Client Gets Treated Like Family, And ALL Guitars Have Equal Priority...

Leave With A Smile!


Setup: $84.95 (6-String Acoustic & Electric/ 4-String Bass)

7-String Guitar/ 5-String Electric Bass: $89.95

6-String Electric Bass: $94.95

6-String Locking Floyd Rose Trem: $124.95

12-String: $175.95

6/12-Double Neck: $249.95


* Setups include a neck adjustment, intonation, action adjustment at the nut and/or saddle, fingerboard treatment, fret polishing, tightening of loose tuner screws and nuts, general clean up and a re-string.


New Nut: $99.95 (plus cost of part)


New Saddle On Acoustic: $84.95 (plus cost of material)

*If guitar has other issues that need to be addressed such as worn frets, a bowed neck, etc. prior to nut/saddle replacement, then there will be additional costs to correct these problems to ensure proper working set-up.

Re-Glue Bridge on Acoustic - $249.95


Replace Tuners: $59.95 and up

* Hourly rate applies to holes that need to be plugged and re-drilled, etc...


Fret Dressing: $164.95 (Level, Crown and Polish)

* Add 40% for stainless steel fret wire

* Mandatory Setup charge to ensure proper working playability


Full Re-fret: $549.95 and up (Includes Fret Dressing and Set-up)

* Add $64.95 for fretboards with binding

* Add $49.95 for finished maple fretboards

* Add 45% for stainless steel fret wire


Finish Touch-Up: $99.95 and up

Crack Repair: $49.95 per inch

Broken Headstock: $299.95 and up (structural only, no finish)

*Grafting and crack repairs may be required


Set Neck Re-Set: $849.95 and up

*heat used to carefully remove neck, re-cut heel/body angle to correct action issues.

* fingerboard level and refret may apply and additionally charged as such

Replace Jack: $54.95 (plus cost of part)

* Archtop and acoustic guitars incur a $79.95 up-charge


Replace Pickup: $74.95 ($24.95 for each additional pickup)

Replace Pot(s): $45.95 per component (plus cost of parts)

Replace Switches: $74.95 per component (plus cost of parts)

* A bench fee may apply for the first hour if the old wiring and components need to be removed, cleaned-

    up, installed, replaced, new wires cut and spliced, tinned etc.   


Active Wiring Systems: $249.95 and Up

* Additional fees to source wiring diagrams may be required

Rout Additional Cavities/Channels: Hourly Shop Rate Applies


Humidify Acoustic Guitar: $69.95

* Acoustical instrument may need to be humidified before repairs and adjustments can be made


Hourly Shop Rate: $99.95 Per Hour (where applicable)





Service Policies


Terms and Conditions: Subtotal prices on repairs are not final, and subject to change upon further issues that may need to be addressed that aren't apparent prior to initial repair inspection, of which will be agreed to by both parties beforehand.


Down payments are non-refundable. Materials and labor fees are separate.


100% satisfaction guarantee; actual repairs are warrantied 30 days from completion.


Repairs must be paid for in full within 30 days of job completion. Pending repairs on behalf of the client must be continued within 30 days of the repair job being started.


VERY IMPORTANT: All completed and pending repairs will be subjected to a $2 a day storage fee after 30 days of no follow-up from the client's behalf.  


Instruments will be considered abandoned after 60 days if current balance isn't paid in full and instrument isn't picked up by the owner. The instrument will then become property of the business.


JMB handmade guitars have a lifetime warranty protected from production defects.

Neglect, misuse and/or normal wear of instrument is not covered under JMB Guitars lifetime warranty.


Accepting JMB's services means you've agreed to the terms and conditions set forth on this page.



Hear The Difference, FEEL IT!

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