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JMB Guitars  specializes in one-of-a-kind guitars and repair services located at 12 Main St. in Kings Park, New York. It is owned and operated soley by Joseph M. Bonomo.









About JMB: I have a degree in design, and had two years

of weekly mentoring from Jimmy D'Aquisto's apprentice, Joseph Jesselli in my learning stages. Jesselli once told me;

"I showed you the least of anyone, and you went the furthest because you wanted it bad enough!"  


I posses a broad range of knowledge from tools to woods along with hands-on skills that compliment the guitar aspect of this craft. I love guitars and everything about them.  I appreciate and embrace anything made by hand via blood, sweat and tears.

Fully Insured for Theft/Damage

Hear The Difference, FEEL IT!

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