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Setups & Repairs


Setups and repairs are an important extension

to any luthier's skill sets.


Careful attention is paid to detail, time is well spent and high-quality tools are used to ensure the result is something you'd expect from a passionate luthier who knows what they are doing. I also have experiece working in retail-store guitar repair.




Belonged to Captain Kirk Douglas of The Tonight Show

After a truss rod adjustment and setup, it sold quickly to someone in Japan for around 10g.

Autographed Yngwie

Malmsteen USA Signature

This Strat needed a fret leveling and setup. New models come equipped with 9 gauge strings. I set it up with 8s just like Yngwie uses.


Autographed Gene Simmons Cort Punisher

This Demon needed a setup and some loose electronics re-soldered. It ended up sounding better, brighter and certainly played more comfortably afterwards.

Custom Giannini for David Gilmour

I was fortunate to get to tune up and play a custom Giannini guitar going to David Gilmour at a local distributor I was sub-contracting to. This guitar was made exceptionally well with a much higher-caliber of quality than typical models they distribute including a USA Kahler locking trem.

Rick Rivet's Jeff Beck Signature Strat

Rick Rivets of The Brats (and the early NY Dolls) brought in one of his USA Strats to be worked on. He wanted better vibrato stability and higher-action to get his finger under the strings with his setup. Rick was VERY pleased with the end result. "It plays better than ever!"

R.I.P. Rick Rivet's - 02/2019

Hear The Difference, FEEL IT!

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